Draxx "the Rack" Shade-walker

Monk : Order of Secrets / Master Torturer / Outcast


A tall thin, pale elf with hundreds of scars gained from years of torturing others in search of secrets for the under dark.

Draxx “The Rack” Shade-walker
Race – Drow
Racial Power – Cruelty

*STR – 12
CON – 16
DEX – 18
INT – 10
WIS – 12
CHA – 10

AC – 15
PD – 15
MD – 12*

CLASS : Monk
Class Features

One Unique Thing : Keeper of Secrets

Torturer – 3
Spy – 3
Survivalist – 2

Max Hit Points – 30
Max Recoveries – 8
Recovery Dice – D8 +3

Spinning Willow Style – save vs attacks yield 1/2 damage
Feat – save vs range / save vs PD attacks
Diamond Focus2 to saves / can maintain order of forms
Flurry – escalation die is 2
gain a JAB as a quick action


Born in the under dark Draxx, was a member of the Order of Secrets. The order was comprised of monks that served Lloth. The monks were trained in special techniques that allowed them to use their bare hands, kinetics, and psychology to torture victims. These techniques involved pressure points, physical holds, and mental domination. Draxx was very good with one particular technique that involved stretching the victim to the point of tearing ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Draxx was given the name Draxx “the Rack” because of his masterful use of this technique to get victims to spill secrets.

While Draxx uses his skills to gain secrets he wears the The Mask of Domination. The mask is pitch black leather and bizarre in design, but serves as visual intimidation to others.


The Order of Secrets primary goal is to gain secrets. Secondary to gaining secrets the Order strives to keep the secrets that they aquire. Therefore, the Monks torture one another to toughen them physically and mentally. Through years of torture Monks of the Order of Secrets are able to endure pain, agony and mental torment.

The Order of Secrets is also charged with spying on enemies of the under dark. The monks are skilled at infiltration, evasion, and escape.

Draxx "the Rack" Shade-walker

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